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Choosing a bouquet can get pretty overwhelming. 

Here is a quick breakdown of eight major bridal bouquets to help you decide. 

Round Wedding Bouquet Shapes + Sizes


Just like the name implies, round bouquets are nice and spherical, and typically consist of either one type of flower or a monochromatic palette, if multiple florals are used. Often, the stems are wrapped in a silk ribbon that coordinates with the wedding’s color scheme. Classically chic and super-traditional, round bouquets have been popular for decades upon decades!


A spin on the usual Round bouquet. Think concentric circles, each circle comprised of a different type of flower, and often with the stems exposed.

Pomander: For the bride who’s not afraid to buck the trends, the pomander bouquet is like a little basket of joy – a floral ball of happiness with a handle, carried similarly to a purse! Comprised of florals + greenery, these can work for bridal bouquets but are more typical for bridesmaids and flower girls, as they’re usually slightly smaller.


If minimalist is more your style, consider a posy bouquet. With less greenery and mostly petals of a similar color, posy bouquets pack a punch in a smaller package and make for a beautiful classic look. Another great bridesmaid style, as well!

Whimsical Wedding Bouquet Shapes + Sizes


Meant to look organically gathered and tied in a simple manner with looser ribbon, fabric or even twine (as opposed to using wire to create a tighter appearance), hand-tied bouquets can feature multiple types of florals and greenery and are a great way to incorporate multiple colors, especially if you’re going for a boho or garden-style wedding.


A dramatic vertical shape makes the iconic cascade bouquet an eye-catching statement-maker. Popular in the 1980s but making a giant comeback in today’s modern weddings, a cascade bouquet’s steams are hidden and appears to flow downward – an excellent way to accentuate a dress with an amazing train!


While most wedding bouquet shapes tend to be more vertical in nature, freeform bouquets are often more horizontal, are loosely tied with gorgeous ribbon and often incorporate gorgeous greenery, a wide variety of flowers with varying stem lengths, and are perfectly imperfect – purposefully asymmetrical and imbalanced. One of our favorite ways to WOW with flowers!


Like the Posy, Nosegay bouquets are smaller, hand-tied bouquets that also work well for bridesmaids, and tend to feature more greenery, rather than being petal-heavy. A joyful arrangement that can work for multiple seasons and styles!

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