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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my wedding flowers cost?

Getting directly to the bottom line is often difficult in the floral design industry due to so many variables that can determine the final cost of your event. Flowers are subject to seasonal availability and market price, often times blooms are priced according to a quality grading system. Typically, any bloom that is imported will be more expensive than local flowers. Arrangements vary in density, from loose and airy to lush and compact. Our team will work with you to adhere to your budget as much as possible and we will offer suggestion that will steer you in the right direction. With that said, we can provide you with some "average" pricing for various wedding/event elements. (keep in mind these are just average pricing and not exact, prices do vary depending on size, style and flowers)

Bridal Bouquet: $150-$300

Bridesmaid's Bouquet: $75-$150

Flower Girls: $25-$75

Boutonnieres: $15-$35

Corsage: $30-$60

Small Centerpieces: (real flowers) $45-$100 (silk flowers) $25-$80

Low/Medium Centerpieces: (real flowers) $85-$150 (silk flowers) $45-100

Tall Centerpieces: (real flowers) $185-$350 (silk flowers) $95-$275

Foliage Garland: $14 per foot

Ceremony Arch or Chuppah (including rental and floral/foliage decoration): $300+

Large Ceremony Arrangements: $150-$300

Cocktail Table Arrangements: $30+

Chair/Pew Decoration: $25+

Rose Petals for Aisle: $75-$250

Cake Flowers: $50+

Toss Bouquet: $35+

Do you have a minimum?

Yes, in order to ensure the highest quality of service, our services start at $5,000 (this does not include delivery and set up).


What are my first steps in selecting a floral designer?

If you would like to reach us, please start with initial inquiry so we can check availability.  From there we will then send you a questionnaire to gather information for the event(s). This is the best way to reach us and get into our system, we are always working and creating for our events. Monday - Thursday we are at our Showroom/Warehouse building quotes and holding meetings with new and current clients.

You may contact us through Instagram, Email (, Facebook or Wedding Wire but we will always refer back to the questionnaire to begin the process.

Is there a deposit required to save the date? Can I make changes after that point?

We require a deposit that is 30% of your quote to save the date. This deposit is non-refundable and will state so on your signed contract/quote. We understand that our contract is a working document that will not be finalized until you determine the details of the event. We are flexible and anticipate changes until 2 weeks prior to your wedding/event. At that time, we require all final changes be submitted and the balance paid in full. (changes cannot be reduced more than 20% of the original signed contract, this is due to the time and scheduling we have put aside for your project)

What is the postponement or cancellation policy? What if I need to change my date because of COVID?

Regarding postponements and cancellations, in the event that your wedding is rescheduled due to COVID or any other circumstances, we would be happy to maintain the same contract and transfer your floral order to a new date based on availability at no additional cost or booking fee. If the event is cancelled altogether the deposit remains non-refundable.

Do you have a delivery or service charge?

We are happy to provide any level of service that your event might require. Our delivery and set up charge is based on a number of factors, including location, the scope of work and number of staff members required. When you meet with our designer, we will go over all the options available at your event.

Can you provide any items for rent?

We have an extensive inventory of decor options available for rent. Our selection includes furniture, pillars, chandeliers, backdrops, risers, etc. We are happy to discuss all of your rental options and create a package that is specifically tailored to your event.

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